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How to mask a song on facebook and youtube from copyright check.

June 22, 2012

What’s so hard to post a copyrighted song on facebook or youtube?

It is very easy and the algorithm used for shazam can’t do nothing about it, but you need to come to a compromise.
See for more info the algorithm (

This is a simple screen shot of the final result:

Have you noticed anything? I think it is so obvious…

anyway I will try to explain in quick steps how to do this.

1) Open the audio file and merge the audio to 1 audio track and move it to right or left (this is up to

2) Create a fixed,  semi continuous high noise and add it on the empty channel.

3) Save it and use it as your song for your videos.

The compromise is to use only 1 track , moving your mixer to the right or left channel when
watching the video.


The audio is undetectable until they don’t fix the algorithm!