[Hacking] eBook vs Picture Frame…;)

This is a simple example of HowTo change your picture frame (a value of 100$ vs ~300$ of any ebook reader device)  into an ebook, just adding a battery on the side.

5-ebooks Comparison

5-ebooks Comparison


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3 Responses to “[Hacking] eBook vs Picture Frame…;)”

  1. john smith Says:

    I wish someone would turn or hack a cheap $20 or $30 5 inch or 4 inch lcd digital photo frame into a ebook reader for text and rtf files.

    Ideally it should have 4gb storage from a sdd card with a long battery life or the option to turn the backlight off.

    A lcd displays don’t consume much power this could extend the battery life.

    Ebook readers like the amazon kindle and sony ereader cost as much as a laptop at present.what a rip off.I mean $250 to $400 for a ebookreader.
    I don’t want to pay that much on principle.

    Even a mini netbook is unsuitable for ebook reading due to the short battery life.
    A low power low cost photoframe would be ideal.

    I am surprised that no one has done this hack.The focus seems to be turning photo frame into video displays for which they are not really designed due to their poor frame rate.

    They would are more suited to be ebook readers.

    Anyone up for this challenge?

    • rozdog Says:

      everything is possible!
      The only problem is TIME 😀 and I more thing, I’d like to wait until the little flexible screen display come out..u know the new generation monitor from japan(low power), it would be better…so we can stick that on the arm like Predator ;).
      Anyway..yes I understand…that and thats why I made that because your same principle…it costs too much.
      So basically u can do that at home, but these lcd monitors consume too much powerso dont there is no gain… the kindle is just an impression/ink display, it stays the way u want forever, more like the ssd principle.
      so lets wait unti new low emission lcd are on the market..then we will reverse engineering them….and then we will have fun.

    • clay bar detailing Says:

      hey john im sure i have seen somthing like this in stores.. maybe its just a new thing or maybe someone stole your idea.. however im pritty sure you can buy what you are explaing..

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