FlashLite 3 and Youtube Article


I forgot to add :
add the crossdomain.xml file to yourwebsite and
and fill it with:
<?xml version=”1.0″?>
<allow-access-from domain=”*” secure=”false” />

 Download the most recent update 5/3/2008



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7 Responses to “FlashLite 3 and Youtube Article”

  1. Javier Says:

    hello, i have try in Flashlite3 developer follow all the steps correctly, but not works, i execute swf, but if i search any word, not show nothing in list.
    What did I do wrong?

  2. RoZDoG Says:

    Check your web site for php support.
    I think you also have an old flashlite profile.

    PS( I don’t handle file protected from any other security like log in as and confirm you are 18yo..so maybe you dont see it for that issue or similar but it works 100%).

  3. dams Says:

    > do you know if we can DL the flashlite player for windows mobile, and if not, when will it be aviable ?

    I don’t know check the website.It is the only way to know it.

  4. Scott Morrice Says:

    For the folks that were wondering about the google video translation of this tutorial…. If you look at the HTML for the frame that holds the video on google, the answer is right in front of you 😉

    The video url is in plaintext in the HTML inside a variable called ‘videourl’ that is passed to the googleplayer.swf 😀

    For you flash application to understand the url, however, you must de-obfuscate it. Google has been good enough to encode some of the special characters in the url to their respective ascii hex values. These come in the form of a preceding ‘%’ or preceding ‘\u00’

    Once you have this info, you can grab the raw URL from the site and use it in your own flash app…

    The best thing about google compared to the YouTube code is that they do not have a timeout on thier video keys. Once you have the URL, the video will work until they change their scheme 😀


    Scott Morrice

    PS… A full explaination of YouTube, mobile.YouTube and Google Video will be placed on my site in the near future.

  5. Tatiana Says:


    Thank you for the article. I couldn’t get it working though. I downloaded your files, changed the url to php location to my site, and I’ve got all “undefined” in all this red rectangles. It’s probably because I didn’t follow your last note. You said: “I forgot to add :
    add this file to yourwebsite and
    and fill it with:..”. Wich “this” file did you mean? I didn’t get what I have to do. Could you please explain, please?

  6. aditya Says:

    Hi Rosario

    I tried out the flash lite 3.0 sample om my PC. I am new to PHP and donot have my own domain.

    So I was thinking if you had hosted the PHP file get.php and leggi.php online.

    I also tried installing Apache on my system and replaced YOURSERVER.com with localhost/get.php & localhost/leggi.php but it did not work.

  7. John Says:


    Great tutorial!

    Is there a deployed example of this app somewhere I can look at?

    Will this play youtube videos in a “branded” player without the YouTube logo in the bottom right corner?

    How bad is the lag of video play?

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